Without touching ground

by André Fromont

Without touching ground
A winter scene
It’s freezing
In a remote place
Beach and thunder
Double horizon
Eyes sinto the sea
Robert uses force
On Brighton’s pier
Barrier gestures
Of a fountain
Streams blue
Of the universe
A Cretan shower
On the other side of the air
Low in the sky
A personal plan
A chain of command
A procession
Meditation in Mariemont
Rain on the ring, towards Charleroi
Death under the door
A goatee’s dream
On the banks of river Sambre
Another lost child
Well-housed pigeons
Young dogs playing
Lunar genealogy
Retained flight
Without touching ground
Towards the light

door André Fromont

tekstbron: Entrelesligne.be
opgenomen in WEEKBLADEN #51 - rotzooi, rasters en rintels

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