Groveling in Desire For the Karma of Pi or Sauce Wart Varmints

by Lanny Quarles

in veribo tyne
slit pilt lips a pilty down
was shed then comma arecibo
my thrommon commaster
duncibel denisovula epsilon uvula
what feathered monkeys knew
when childe herald
its mechanical apollo klaxon towers
to release the stiff furred descender pelts
slit silt would reveal nommund dor
nommunch en dappler

arecido common feathered bull
slipping in piltdown men
as the staircraze groaned with azure
bile i’ve slot a hippengirder
from this lilt pound slide
and shit its lips wid antrigone

wild antrigone veribone trine
net washers in pilty catmint boots
bird hangers or dapplers on the wry
for let them swim in winter’s
cat eye province
in time mud’s sheeting

where eros glows e’en a catbud
for a swallow
and fetch the image
of the feathered monkey
to its snail shell backpack
of rappers
best boogie of fops to a curl flip

pilty down would island a good
whiskey vermin charity storm
and play out in the game porn omen’s
club foot mist
a sly pesto of flecking wrists
nemo flicker trades of nectanebo

pry open the fist to reveal
its skull stamen’d purpenduncular
the commonly feathered
mechanical bull would shat
a high queen’s maze
like a pilty down
of vertebral sauce ladder gurglers

glab on childe herald!
hairless go forth on winter’s un
and wrastle under guns
for which footh
foots will serry
now eye its cherry dangling face
any face dangling merry piltmonks
will sty roses on its catheter kilts
and cub the bum rattlers
which have phlopped
from their mangent foals
and oriflix fabulankerings

high teep pokens of stead
tour rainbow meds
caduceus is flowered
with rare cacophony udders
and belts
that yodel cafar
them rosy tubs

oh island verity
you club foot doctors
said no mist must troken
thy hiss fed flounders
of th’biss

but hynce flort
rebel torta totter
floots were ferry sorta
cavorta in an ogling pyre
and pensive rams
were snail horned brains
herald what

herald what
upon its foo crowned comma moon
offer up its moon
to floating toroids
of pelt diorama balloons
whose feathered
monkey bulls
nay moss charma
and chug peedle flagons

door Lanny Quarles


tekstbron: inzending ontvangen op 26/10/2021
opgenomen in WEEKBLADEN #58 - gift

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