from ‘Carmen ad Astralabium’

by Peter Abélard

Just as wisdom is worth more than any treasure,
So nothing is worth less than its opposite.
No one becomes wise through native intelligence.
A moral life is what makes a man wise.
Wisdom is nourished by deeds, not by words.
This grace is granted to the good alone.
A wise son is a blessing and boon to his parents;
A foolish son, their sorrow and disgrace.
What an elders bears should not be hard for one younger;
No one should put himself above others.
Cato brought water and slaked the thirst of his people
But would not allow his own thirst to be slaked.
A foolish king is like a jackass sporting a crown,
A bane to himself as well as to others.
Praise a prince’s good sense rather than his army.
Judgment, not power, is the highest regime.
When a ruler is good, it is a gift from heaven;
Bad rulers appear when the people are bad.

door Pierre Abélard
vertaald door Stanley Lombardo


tekstbron: William Levitan (ed.-trad.), ABELARD AND HELOISE, The Letters and Other Writings, Hackett, Indianapolis 2007
opgenomen in WEEKBLADEN #44 - trisonore astrolabe
vertaling: Carmen ad Astralabium 54-70 vertaald door Stanley Lombardo

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