youme herenow

by Alan Sondheim


youme herenow video

the bluelight is me herenow
in the video it swoops and curves severely
nothing’s happening but the movements of satellites
look, i’m as still as possible and i’m
caught in the grid of local and distant fluctuations
look at me i’m flying and i’m not
saving energy that’s me
i’m so tired of everyone dying, my life is weeping
the world falls from me like clothing or a shroud
a missed phonecall is an announcement enunciation
an unanswered call is a faltering in darkness
disappearance from email facebook instagram
they were never there i look around
in the forest of absence and so
my image shudders lost in the greatness of things
it swerves from one side to another in search
in search in search of in search always searching
left and right above and below beneath every world
i am above the sky i am above that
living through constant loss names places people
more people other people my arms can’t reach them
my eyes can’t see them i can’t hear them touch them
i swerve for them towards them swerve from them
i am the swerve and the alpha and omega
i am motionless and i swerve motionless
caught up in the maelstrom of illness and death
i swerve for them i make testimony i am testament
i swerve i don’t swerve i swerve i don’t swerve
i swerve

door Alan Sondheim


tekstbron: You Tube
opgenomen in WEEKBLADEN #46 - schimmel in de architectenloft
gebruikt in uitzending RK-2021-04-10

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