What can you do?

by Sig. Brunacci

What can you do?
The stars, intractable,
have no pity.
Since the gods don’t give
a measure of peace in my suffering,
what can I do?

What can you say?
From the heavens disasters
keep raining down on me;
Since that treacherous Cupid
denies respite to my torture,
what can I say?

That’s how it is with cruel destiny
the powerful tyrant, it condemns the innocent:
thus the purest gold
of constancy and faithfulness, alas,
is continually refined in the fire of pain.

Yes, yes, I have to suffer,
yes, I must sigh,
I must breathe with difficulty.
In order to eternalize my trials
heaven witholds from me
the final period of death
to my lifespan

You spirits of the damned,
you’re blessed,
since all the cruel Eumenides *
are intent only on torturing my soul.

Since the furies of Dis *
have disappeared,
you spend your days in the Elysian fields
while I molder in hell.

Thus it happens that he who follows
the shadow of a blind god
stumbles in the end.

door Sig. Brunacci


tekstbron: https://barbarastrozzi.com/
opgenomen in WEEKBLADEN #59 - WORG
gebruikt in uitzending RK 2021-12-04
vertaling: Che si può fare?
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