Flame in chalice!
Father—fire. Son—fire. Spirit—fire.
Three equal. Three indivisible
Flame and heat—are their heart.
The fire—their eyes.
The whirlwind and the flame—their mouth.
Flame of divinity—fire.
The fire will sear the daring ones.
The flame will burn the daring ones.
The flame will stay the daring ones,
Will purify the daring ones.
Bend back the arrows of the demons.
Let the poison of the serpent descend upon the daring ones!
Aglamide, Commander of the Serpent,
Artan, Arion, give ear!
Tiger, eagle, lion of the desert wastes,
Guard from the evil ones!
Curl as serpent; be burned by
Disperse, perish, O daring one!
Flame in chalice!


Father—the peaceful. Son—the peaceful. Spirit—the peaceful.
The three equal. The three indivisible.
The blue sea—is their heart.
The stars—their eyes.
The night dawn—their mouth.
The depth of divinity—the sea.
The daring ones walk upon the sea.
Blind to them are the arrows of the demons.
Lynx, wolf, gerfalcon,
Guard the daring ones!
Keios, Keyosavi, let them in,
The daring ones.


Know the Stone! Guard the Stone!
Hide the Flame! Be lit by fire!
By the red, the courageous;
By the blue, the peace-filled;
By the green, the wise.
Know alone. Guard the Stone!
Foo, Lo, Ho, carry the Stone.
Reward the strong.
Compensate the faithful.
go boldly!


door Nicholas Roerich

tekstbron: Flame in Chalice, New York: Nicholas Roerich Museum, 2017
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