exobit leptonics

by Lanny Quarles

but let’s just say that
while you are foraging
in the tussles of the all-inhabited darkness
with the gruesome home-spun
literary giants of the present
you come across a storm day
laboring under its solar unity
while the macabre excess of electrons
leers from a sanguine transfigurement
of happily busking caudal platonisms


incised “individual” cloud
with lightning tail

even if cloud tail
could move the sky
the sky no more the tale
than simple giants
scribbling out the score

here are some of the latest
nuissance clouds of solar unity

lightning horn bulbs
lightning tail horn stories
lightning toe horns
or lightning caudal seraph

in each exobit
the personality
accretes differently
but the personality
always exhibits
an accretory nexus
but while you are foraging
in the sanguine transfigurement:

“Almost every person in Lilac Park today is drinking beer.”

decide the bee
to chase the tussling
of the storm day and
be the transfigurement:

“The bat-shaped boat had been broken by a cat wearing a coat.”

decide the literary giant’s
gruesome excess of sun tails:

“Their whole body is a sun tail.”

be home-spun
in transfigurement:

“A lepton, or prutah, was the eighth part of an as.”

in each exobit
the personality
accretes differently
there are generations
of flavours

but homespun
or musonic kleptons
remain our literary

door Lanny Quarles


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