dedication from ‘Thirty Seals & The Seal Of Seals’

by Giordano Bruno

To the most excellent
Most Brilliant Doctors And Celebrated Masters
Philotheus Giordano Bruno Nolano, doctor of a greater operative theology, professor of a purified and innocent knowledge, famous in the highest academies of Europe, esteemed and honored as a singular philosopher, foreigner to no one but the barbarians and ignoble, watchman over sleeping souls, tamer of the presumptuous and recalcitrant ignorant, who testifies for universal acts of general philanthropy, who is no more for Italians than Britons, male than female, miter than crown, toga than armor, hooded man more than man without, but only for he who is more peaceful, civil, faithful and useful, and who loves conversation, for it is not whether a man has an anointed head, makes a sign upon his chest, or has clean-washed hands or a circumcised penis, but (it is in that place where a man’s true face can be seen) with respect to the greatness and cultivation of his mind and soul, greater than that of the propagators of stupidity and hypocracy who I detest, rather seeking truth and learning,
and who nobly praises intelligence, so, most excellent and
brilliant ViceChancellor of the Oxonian Academy, I send you

most generous greetings.

door Giordano Bruno


tekstbron: Bruno, Giordano, Gosnell Scott (trad.): Thirty Seals & The Seal of Seals, ISBN 1540771431

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