atomism’s later nears

by Lanny Quarles

oneiric reverberations
to do gaddi’s ack emma
rattlepulted means
by beans yet ye hominy
harmony’s army
bends light around the stable
slab of gravity’s gabble
particles are objects of being
late arrivals in the storm
lay luxuriously in clover
and mate to the rhythms
of the thunder omens
while the earth’s flesh
remains inflexibly semiotic
pinging shargars
attesting to epicrates abomal sophtree
minute days to beads give sequence
where no one wandered anymore
but sumpy the sumped one
laid great plans by plumbing’s
oneiric reverberations
said to history
abductive induction
breaks the clear ideas
of the philosophy of noise
being as per say
noise in the grotto
or a noise of grottos
cambering candor
or no kant dew
‘now turn’ to purlieu
‘now turn again’
now face the intertial
inertial tertiary connercial
mery merical’s circe circus
us ursual ursula
ho neor nero miro
grotesque constellations
of virtual affect
gub nabe by fulciment’s prime
is anything working
according to plan
is any plan working
is chaos hive drowning
in chaos while order
is drowning in order
while order is drowning
in chaos while chaos
is drowning in order
gut cycles
sesnio nessitive
sensitive descriptions
of the gut populations
have led to a lessening
of the suffering
attesting to an
oneiric reverberation
now turning in oros
choad by reasoning
halo storage
kakoo chadoros
otaku oki doku kokoro jigoku
one is worth one
while value hives inside
gyre is worth gyre
to vortex
as neo-acatalepsus
heaving walls
of synthpyrrhonisms
in every varying form
the stoic
of performance’s
set economy

door Lanny Quarles


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