Tales or Head, Aches

by Olchar E. Lindsann

              Tales or Head, Aches

shall that be
                     plug or creamy?
                     endorphin or lazgun?
                     indifferently or hectograph?
                     manicule or penzoil?
for some reason those words appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, were
                     tepid or duodecimo?
                     toggle or salmonella?
                     fed-up or boeing 747?
                     felt-tip or grouse?
                     pellet or unfortunately?
another signature poem in from the sea, over the cliffs of
                     saddle-stitch or comptroller?
                     CRISPR or hypnogogic?
                     werewolf or spandex?
                     intricately or blunderbuss?
                     follicle or pathways?
                     ganglion or aluminum?
and far away, in the furthest wing accused of stealing, I recall
                     spreadsheets or potomac?
                     mention or endemic?
                     fortitude or dongle?
                     wookie or covid?
                     slipcase or assassinate?
                     remedial or crayon?
                     dendrite or tardy?
these poems are more representative of the bones, and there was enough for
                     pandemic, or else for hemistich.

door Olchar E. Lindsann


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