and thus i shall descend upon you

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    van NKdeE
in een lezing van Dirk Vekemans
met dv (live electronics)


in sotto vocequasi parlando – piu forte – frusciando

do not call me into your light of day for i am severed from myself i have lost my early plight of sorrow i have lost the petty pride and curse of worth i have forsaken all the names you gave me i have given them to plagues to rule your world i have shed your scary skin of love i have found my ancient cloth of dark do not call me into the light of day do not venture forth to please me do not seek to relish in despise of me for i am no one and do not wish to be i will sleep for ever through your history for there is no end to me for there is no being left in me for there is no getting me for i am no one and i am you and thus i shall descend upon you with lips of dust i will kiss your garments with giant hands of steel i will uplift you with snakes and thorns i will caress you with breath of fire i will pervade you with words that end your thought my voice will strike you and when you’re gone and when you’re gone no one will mourn you for i will linger like a weeping wave from star to star and i will bounce off the utter blackness of the hole to watch it devour the last of all your angry whispers the final vestige of your anxious coil.

ViLT 2020

lezing toegevoegd op 2020-11-17 08:24

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simpel aah-loopje, twee micro's, eentje met wat echo d'r op

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