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Black Moth

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in een lezing van Els Debarbieux
opgenomen op 14/11/2020



When you’re smiling
When you’re smiling
The whole world smiles at you

When you’re laughing
When you’re laughing
The sun comes shining through

Here we are under the stars
Empty as dead brothers in arms
Through straw and mud the clay and blood
The law of the claw the claw of god

Awaiting the sun that herald of fire
Trenches deep deep in the mire
Never leave without honour within
Brothers in arms take care of your kin

A coal black moth to take their place
Wrapped in snow and twilight faith
Preparing for the undertow
A laying of flowers where the willed winds blow

In the dead of night in the eye of the storm
Drugged by the incense of a bloody dawn
Here we are under the stars
Empty as dead brothers in arms


Of The Wand & The Moon

lezing toegevoegd op 2020-11-19 09:56

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ED leest de tekst van 'Black Moth' van Of The Wand & The Moon met op de achtergrond een lied van Jony Fitch - live in de uitzending van Radio Klebnikov van 14/11/2020

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Black Moth